Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions

1. Our commission is 50% of the selling price.
2. Whilst we will take good care of your property, insurance cover is not included. Please arrange insurance independently if required.
3. We will keep your item(s) on sale for a minimum of three months. During the first month, we will sell your item at the price originally agreed, after which we may reduce the selling price by 20%. If an item remains unsold after the three month expiry date we may donate the item to a charity of our choice, so please do contact us on or before the expiry date if you wish to collect unsold items or arrange for an extension to the selling period.
4. We have four mid and end of season sales each year, these start on the 2nd January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October. All items which have already been on sale for 3 months will be automatically included in these sales and reduced by 50%. N.B. This also applies to items which have exceeded their ‘expiry date’ but have not yet been donated to charity.
5. Once your items have sold, we can make payment to you by BACS transfer any time up to 12 months from your start date. Money not collected after this time may be donated by us, on your behalf, to a childrens’ charity of our choice.
6. There is no handling fee for items which don’t sell.
7. Although we are unable to you to advise you of each sale as it occurs, you are welcome contact us to check on the status of your account at any time.